Wednesday, August 30, 2006



Some time ago, Heather blogged on a device called a Mooncup . I had heard of it before and had only thought about it vaguely without coming to any firm conclusion about it. It sounded a little complicated and perhaps a bit messy and using normal sanitary protection is a no-brainer at my age!
With my new found look at environmental concerns and waste, I decided to revist Mooncup and investigate a little more thoroughly. I concluded that there was no real reason why I shouldn't give it a go. And the thing that swung it was that although they cost £20, they are on 3 for 2 at Boots. Having 3 daughters, I reasoned that I really ought to be doing the "mother-daughter thing" and telling them about Mooncup young in order to "save the planet"!
I went to Boots, got three and am now currently using mine. Although it has been only a day, it's working well and I recommend buying them. It isn't disgusting, it is a trifle fiddly but then if you are used to using applicator-less tampons then you should be ok.

its good that Boots are selling them now, I had to send away for mine! and I agree with your evaluation!
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