Saturday, August 05, 2006


Update on carriers

I have re-used 2 of the carriers and one broke and is beyond repair.
1st carrier= 2 shopping uses= dead and disposed of
2nd carrier= 2 shopping uses= still going strong
3rd carrier= 1 shopping use

Also an interesting article today in the Independent about Tesco offering Clubcard incentives in bringing their own bags to shop.
Britain's biggest supermarket chain said yesterday that from 14 August anyone reusing old carrier bags would receive extra points in its Clubcard loyalty scheme. Tesco - regularly damned for its record on the environment - aims to reduce the number of bags it gives away annually from four billion to three billion by 2008. But environmental campaigners described the move as "PR spin".

I've emailed Tesco re their refusal to stock bio-degradable nappies. Apparently the profit margin isn't high enough but bio-degradable nappies are stocked by Sainsbury and Waitrose if using washable nappies is a "bridge too far " (quote from a happy clappy Christian pastor's wife).
Hi thanks for your comment! I think most major supermarkets have some way to go with green issues but I think Tescos more than most because of their huge market share.

Have we met btw?
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