Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I'm not a big fan of the Daily Mail but

I was directed by Joolian to this article. It seems to tie up with the article from the Evening News about the plastic bottles we recycle going to China. It would appear that we have stricter and stricter targets for recycling in our country so we use poorer parts of the world as our dustbin, either dumping waste there or for them to suffer the consequences of melting down the plastics.

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It is eye-opening but I have a hard time reading anything that the Daily Mail right on any such subject. Just look at the first line:

"The Green Gauleiters who force us to recycle our rubbish imagine they are saving the planet"

After that I've almost lost the will to live, let alone the will to read any more...!
Yes of course you're right! They make my blood boil but tied in with the report that our plastic was being recycled in China (and I have researched and found that there is little plastic recycling that happens in this country) it makes you think...
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