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Cling Film

I use cling film every morning to wrap the girls sandwiches. This really isn't good for a number of reasons but it does keep the sandwiches really fresh, more so I've found than when wrapped with greaseproof paper. I have started a new roll today- I wonder how long it will last? I intend to find out! I'm putting the date on the packet and will blog when the packet is finished. I use it for at least 2 sandwiches a day (on at least 2 days, 3 sandwiches) and I always use barely enough to cover. I also use it for covering jugs/recepticles heating things in the microwave. It lasts a long time. But I need to find out how much oil it takes to make the roll. I also need to investigate good alternatives.
I'll keep you posted...

Comments: do an alternative to clingfilm for covering dishes etc. see

also, I use recycled foil for sandwiches -

you can buy that at the Green Grocers on Earlham Rd in Norwich too
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wikipedia recons that the width of cling film is 0.13mm, so for a roll 0.75meters by 30meters, the volume of cling film used would be: 2.93mm cubed. (Remember the roll looks bigger as air get's in when you roll it and ball it up, and when it's rolled it has that self-repelling static thing going on). An oil barrel is 6.667466415m^3, so assuming (for argument's sake) the whole oil barrel is suitable for producing cling film, it would make 2,276 rolls! thus, I'm not sure cling film is the top priority for sensible living.

Obviously every little helps as they say, but in my opinion, if a whole roll can fit into an volume about the size of a quarter of a sugar cube, it doesn't seem worth bothering with
Interesting stats there Ben, thanks!
can prove anything with numbers
I never said that I take them as red...
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