Monday, January 15, 2007


"Green" magazine cat fight

I have a magazine called Triangle that gets delivered to my home every month which professes to be "the only environmentally friendly magazine" in the region. In this month's edition someone takes them to task on that claim by drawing our attention to Echo Eco which has been around for considerably longer than Triangle. It started to get a bit ugly as one accuses the other of lying and the other discredits the inks and printing processes of the former.

In my mind however, anything that results in an end product cannot really be called "green". Even if the inks are vegetable based, even if the paper is recycled, it is still a product that requires energy and resources to produce.

Stop your bickering Triangle and realise that nothing you're saying or producing is ground breaking. Get off your moral high horse and reconsider whether the 10,000 homes and businesses that you deliver to NEED the information that you give. It strikes me that you are just another form of junk mail: unrequested and unsolicited. You ultimately end up in the (recycling) bin.

What do you think?

I read the Triangle for the first time on Thursday in the Patisserie in Trowse - the editorial was unashamedly self-promoting, both for the guy writing and his firm of printers. The rest seemed average to boring and wouldn't have spent long on my kitchen table before making it to the green bin.

I like Eco Echo although quite a lot of that doesn't interest me in anything more than a cursory way - I like our vicar's bit on the back though! And it seems a lot less self-promoting!
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