Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Marks and Spencer

M&S announced yesterday their 5 year plan to become
a carbon neutral, zero-waste-to-landfill, ethical-trading, sustainable-sourcing, health-promoting business

This takes the form of 100 points that can be readily monitored. The initiatives will cost £200m over five years not including any advertising costs when the campaign is launched in March.
It's called Plan A because there is no Plan B. These are the endorsements that accompany the press release:

Jonathon Porritt
, Founder Director of Forum for the Future, who has advised M&S on "Plan A", said:

"This plan sets a new benchmark in the way businesses should be tackling critical sustainability challenges like waste, fairtrade and climate change. It raises the bar for everyone else - not just retailers, but businesses in every sector. We all know that even at the end of these 5 years there will still be a huge amount for M&S to do but we warmly welcome the scale of the ambition of this plan in particular the commitment to include customers and suppliers."

Blake Lee-Harwood, Campaign Director, Greenpeace UK said:

"We're glad a company like M&S has proposals that begin to match the scale of the challenge of climate change and protecting our oceans and forests. If every retailer in Britain followed Marks & Spencer's lead it would be a major step forward in meeting the challenge of creating a sustainable society."

Robert Napier, Chief Executive, WWF-UK said:

"Research clearly shows us that agricultural activities and other food production and distribution have some of the greatest impacts upon our environment. It is vital that we all find ways to achieve a One Planet lifestyle. Such bold aspirations as outlined by Marks & Spencer can only help drive other supermarkets and the retail sector towards supplying products in a way that protects our planet and sustains the natural resources we depend upon."

Plan A includes many commitments based around 5 areas:
It all looks very promising and I'm sure we'll be hearing more about this. I could be tempted to send some custom their way...

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