Saturday, October 06, 2007


"one bag of rubbish per week"

A council in Hertfordshire are piloting a 6 month scheme to encourage residents to throw out only one bin bag of rubbish a week. Story here.
In some respects I favour this but all these schemes are dependent on the facilities being available to recycle the waste instead of bin it. I know that the majority of my waste now consists of plastic and our council have very limited resources to collect and recycle plastic waste. I also worry that councils who are better at recycling plastic are actually just contributing to landfill by the back door (see this story about plastic that gets shipped to China and then land filled)


for us we have a lot of green waste, so most of the time we use them as fertilizers.

The other solid wastes, we dont have proper recycle process, they are collected by city planners and send them somewhere for destruction
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